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DeepMarkit Corp's proprietary platform provides an ‘on-ramp’ into blockchain marketplaces for existing carbon credits issuers and investors, unlocking access to a broader pool of capital and purchasers to better monetize the full value of their carbon credits.

Why use NFT technology?

While non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have gained recent traction over the buzz around the sky-rocketing prices of digital art pieces on platforms like OpenSea, the technology has potential that reaches far beyond artwork.

Digital tokens, secured with programmable smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain, that certify a digital asset to be unique and, therefore, not interchangeable.  Carbon credits with individualized meta data and a record of ownership provide the transparency and accountability necessary to increase liquidity in the carbon markets.

Carbon Credits
On The Blockchain

In addition to the transparency that blockchain technology brings, there are numerous other benefits that will benefit the carbon credit market.


Permissionless global trading on platforms operating 24/7/365, opening up trading to a wider variety of investors, corporations, and individuals.

Increased Utility

Programmable functionality through smart contracts and interoperability via composable ‘Lego block-like’ primitives enabling new types of capital formation and trading.

Funding Opportunities

A reliable framework that could easily increase the flow of capital into carbon reduction initiatives, helping historically underfunded environmental companies and projects.

Market Liquidity

Bringing a massive and growing pool of global liquidity in the cryptocurrency markets to a traditionally illiquid market.

How Mint Carbon Works

Our propietary platform, MintCarbon, makes it easy to mint your carbon credits into tradeable NFTs which would become immediately available for listing on global decentralized exchanges such as OpenSea*.
Create Your Profile

To get started on our platform, you will. be required to create an account.

Connect Your Wallet

From your newly created account, you will be able to link it to an NFT wallet application like MetaMask.

List and Sell on OpenSea

Once your wallet is connected, you will be able to upload the specific details of your tradeable carbon credit assets, along with a copy of your logo, to create your unique NFT. Our platform will mint your carbon credits on the public ledger.

Track Your Carbon NFT

You'll be able to track your NFTs, their current value, and other aspects of the carbon credit market in your Dashboard.

Socialize with Stakeholders

Join, verify your ownership, and engage with our MintCarbon community on Discord to receive updates and news, while connecting with other forward-thinking investors.