DeepMarkit and Carbon Sector Updates

The push toward Net Zero 2050 is well underway.

The Net Zero Asset Owner Alliance, a consortium of asset managers representing over $6 trillion USD, called for an immediate increase in the quality of carbon credits, which would lead to higher prices. “In essence, this means formalizing the use of carbon credits as a market proxy for a global carbon tax,” the alliance said.

Over the past 6 years, decarbonization and investment in carbon credits has moved from a fringe idea to what we believe will become the most highly sought-after investment theme since the late 90s tech boom.

Below we highlight some of the more recent developments in this fast moving market and how DeepMarkit Corp. has positioned itself to benefit on behalf of our shareholders.

IETA releases guidelines on blockchain use in carbon markets.

In an effort to protect investors by preventing fraud and duplication of carbon credits, the International Emissions Trading Association (“IETA”) has released guidelines on blockchain use in carbon markets.

DeepMarkit is well ahead of the game and has been partnered with the reputable Gold Standard and Verra registries for some time, in order to maintain integrity and ensure the high-quality minting of carbon credits onto the blockchain through our proprietary platform


The SEC Proposes a Mandatory Climate Disclosure Regime for Public Companies

True to its word, the SEC released its proposed rule, The Enhancement and Standardization of Climate-Related Disclosures for Investors, last week. The rule would require companies to disclose a wide variety of climate-related information, including information about climate-related risks that are reasonably likely to have material impacts on its business and/or its consolidated financial statements, and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions metrics that could help investors assess those risks.

Voluntary carbon markets (“VCMs”) surpassed the $1 billion mark in November 2021 and hedge funds with trillions of dollars under management are expecting this to grow up to 50-fold by 2050 as carbon market compliance measures continue to be enforced.

DeepMarkit’s platform aims to ease supply constraints currently plaguing VCMs by unlocking liquidity and providing a scalable, secure, reliable on ramp to the blockchain for carbon project originators, developers, brokers and institutions. At the same time we are enabling easy access to carbon markets for investors and
CO2 emitters.

Asia seen to hold great untapped potential for VCM growth as climate pledges lag

Asia is one of the largest polluting jurisdictions on earth. Yet on the flip side of every problem, lies opportunity.

Our recently announced carbon offset arrangement LOI with Radiance Assets Berhad is a truly exciting development for DeepMarkit and its shareholders. In conjunction with this arrangement Radiance has invested $2.08 million (0.85/share) into DeepMarkit making them a significant (9.42%) shareholder (18.2% on a fully diluted basis).

From the March 15 Press Release: “Radiance has extensive exposure from traditional businesses in agriculture to high-end technology solutions that incorporate A.I. and advanced clean technology. Its portfolio includes a vast environmental, social and governance-based network of investments spanning forestry, hydrogen and geothermal carbon projects. Radiance is also actively working with carbon registries to verify carbon projects across Mexico and Malaysia.”

We’re very much looking forward to building this arrangement into a highly successful business venture throughout Asia and beyond.


Stay tuned for updates on the official launch of and further corporate developments.


Ranjeet Sundher

CEO, DeepMarkit Corp.

TSX Venture: MKT