Our Mission

Tokenizing the carbon market

DeepMarkit is doing to Voluntary Carbon Markets ("VCMs") what the Internet did to stock trading 30 years ago. We are enabling access and transparency to carbon markets by providing a simple way for carbon offset originators and holders to "mint" their credits onto the blockchain via our proprietary platform, This allows for secure, transparent and easy access to carbon offsets representing environmentally friendly projects around the world.

By enabling the minting of carbon credits into universally tradable NFTs, embedded with detailed project information such as visual content, pricing information, statistics and other descriptions the Company's proprietary platform unlocks liquidity and transparency in historically opaque carbon markets.

A shared revenue model underpinned by a royalty stream provides investors in DeepMarkit with exposure to one of the fastest growing asset classes in the world.

The Challenge

Voluntary Carbon Markets grew 3x from 2019 to 2022, and Sylvera* projects the market will grow to $40 billion USD by 2030.

While carbon credits are broadly available, trading has been highly inaccessible, opaque, and inefficient. Supply and demand are being hampered by antiquated trading systems and lack of trust/transparency.

*Sylvera's "Carbon Credit Crunch Report 2022"

The Opportunity

Voluntary carbon credits are quickly becoming an inevitable part of everyday life; estimates show that demand could increase 15 times by 2030 to $50 billion.*

*Source: Task Force on Scaling Voluntary Carbon Markets

The Solution

Leveraging blockchain technology, we are enabling easy 24/7 access to carbon markets through a platform that will facilitate offset trading on tokenized exchanges.

Recurring Revenue Streams

DeepMarkit Corp. is positioned for sustained top-line revenue growth and a revenue model which can be triggered when a MintCarbon NFT is traded on the blockchain, whether through OpenSea, Rarible and any other decentralized exchange.

A minting fee is collected on the first minting (creation) of a carbon credit NFT (smart contract).

A transaction fee, split between the carbon credit holder and DeepMarkit, can be collected when a carbon credit NFT is re-sold or traded on any decentralized exchange (eg.

Fees can be received in Ethereum, carbon credits, carbon credit NFTs, or a combination, providing DeepMarkit with flexibility while increasing DeepMarkit's addressable market and exposing the Company to rapidly growing asset classes.

Revolving revenue diagram

What are carbon credits?

A carbon offset credit is a transferable instrument certified by governments or independent certification bodies to represent an emission reduction of one metric tonne of CO2, or an equivalent amount of other green house gases. The purchaser of an offset credit can “retire” it to claim the underlying reduction towards their own GHG reduction goals.

There are two kinds: compliance credits and voluntary reductions.

Compliance Credits

Compliance credits are created and regulated by mandatory regional, national, and international carbon reduction requirements.

Voluntary Credits

Voluntary credits function outside of the compliance credit markets and enable companies and individuals to purchase carbon offsets on a voluntary basis.

Investor Relations

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